Reviving Engagement: a program for organizations and staff © Copyright Colby Tootoosis & Red Echo Associates 2018

Program Goals

The program is designed to provide insights and awareness for participants to become successful in their life through self-responsibility and the application of practical tools to overcome struggles and stress. There is also a focus on applying these tools in the area of connecting with Indigenous peoples in health care systems.

Learning Objectives

  • Emotional Intelligence: To provide deeper understanding on the power and influence of emotions on behaviors in relation to working in systems.

  • To explore and clear limited beliefs and emotional blocks using simple tools involving forgiveness and self-acceptance. [depending on time frame]

  • To understand shame, shame resilience, and the power of empathy while applying the teachings to personal life, family life, and the community.

  • Systems Thinking: To cover skills and practices in transforming stressed systems into proactive systems.

  • To include principles of conscious/healthy communication.

  • To increase work engagement through passion, purpose, and clarity.

Topics OPTIONS Covered

  • Indigenous worldview

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Systems Thinking

  • Healthy Communication

  • Belief systems and Unhealthy Vows

  • Conscious Relationships

  • Breaking the Rules and Intelligent Misbehavior

  • Living in Freedom and Forgiveness

  • The Power of Letting Go

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Improving child connections

  • Passion and Life purpose

  • Personal Development, Personal Improvement

  • Practice of Non-Personal Awareness

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Racism, Indigenous Nationhood, Treaties.

  • Effects of Residential Schools

  • Colonialism and Oppression

At the end of the Program Participants will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence.

  • Have consideration of emotional pain others may be experiencing.

  • Feel supported and confident working in their field of expertise.

  • Be grounded in their emotions.

  • Have improved communication skills

  • Have a clear understanding of systems that influence stress and how alleviate it.

  • Improved Resilience.

  • Have a prepared understanding in working with Indigenous youth, Indigenous families and Indigenous communities.

  • A strong sense of trust among fellow participants and colleagues in their shared line of work.

  • Have an expanded awareness on Treaties, Indigenous Nationhood and why front line work is vital for liberation & success of Indigenous peoples future.

  • Have clear goals in how to utilize their personal gifts and abilities both personally and professionally.

Who would benefit:

  • Schools, Band Administration, Public Servants, Service Based Organizations, Teams, Small Business's, Non-profit Organizations, Organizational Departments