"A program designed to remedy the epidemic issue of suicide through Indigenous perspectives and teachings"

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Program Goals

The program is systemically designed to address the issue of suicide plaguing communities, families and education systems. Young people are faced with more hardships, struggles, and unhealthy influences than any generation recorded. A process of desensitization to emotional health, sexual health, violence, family connections, raising of children, and the relationship between life and death have unjustly impacted the development of young people. We are at a vital time where young people need the tools necessary to not only survive – but to thrive in a world that is headed for the unknown. 

Learning Objectives

  • To provide deeper understanding on the power and influence of emotions on behaviours.
  • To explore and remove unhealthy beliefs and emotional blocks using simple and effective tools involving forgiveness and self-acceptance.
  • To understand shame, shame resilience, and the power of empathy while practicing non-personal awareness.
  • To practice self-responsibility to overcome struggles and unfavourable circumstances.
  • To instill conscious communication with the self and others to prevent bullying, lateral violence, and self-sabotage.
  • To apply systems thinking and how they affect the quality of life of young people, families, and communities at large.
  • To understand and begin to facilitate remedies to social pathologies such as addictions, corruption, systemic racism, and unhealthy family dynamics.
  • Strengten Indigenous Nationhood.

At the end of the Program Participants will:

  • Be emotionally grounded and have tools to overcome emotional struggles.
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of suicide ideations and how to address them.
  • Gain support systems in their life to ensure long-term success and changes.
  • Have skills to support other young people and children.
  • Have improved communication skills both personally and in relationships.
  • Be confident in seeking help, or assisting others through trying times.
  • Have a sense of resilience with a more open and relaxed acceptance of the self.
  • Be able to see systems for what they are and lead their life in confidence.
  • Understand the legacy of residential schools and have insights and tools to have a positive changing influence on children.
  • Have the confidence to recognize and solve problems.
  • Have an expanded awareness on Treaties, Indigenous nationhood and why healing and forgiveness is vital for liberation and success of Indigenous peoples future.
  • Have ongoing support from the presenter after the program.
  • Have clear goals in how to utilize their personal gifts and abilities in life.
  • Have clarity in their passion and life purpose.
  • Live in access to their joy with tools for emotional resilience.

Modules Covered:

  • Rising to Freedom
    • Suicide Prevention
    • Self-harm to Self-LOVE
    • Emotional Freedom
    • Releasing unhealthy belief/vow systems
    • Power of Forgiveness
    • Revealing Passion and Life Purpose
    • Personal Evolution
    • Practice of Non-Personal Awareness
    • Suicide Intervention Skills
    • Addictions Awareness and Prevention
  • Conscious Relationships
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Resilience in Relationship
    • Relationship Games
    • Warning Signs of Abuse
    • Healthy Emotional Expression
    • Deconstructing the "Love Bug"
    • Healthy Sexuality
  • Authentic Leadership
    • Unleashing Creativity
    • Systems Thinking
    • Rule Busting Intelligent Misbehaviour
    • Healthy Communication
    • Problem Solving
    • Indigenous Diplomacy
    • Colonialism and Oppression
    • Indigenous Nationhood
    • Truth, Dignity and the Treaties
  • Parenthood to Nationhood
    • Preparing for Parenthood
    • Conscious Parenting
    • Ending the Legacy of Residential Schools
    • The Power of Play
    • Birth Rights

Additional Program Information:

  • Can be Customized and Adjusted to meet specific needs.
  • Five Day Youth Program Designed for youth ages +16 and up
  • All Materials and Supplies Provided
  • Designed for communities, schools, and organizations currently working with young peoples.
  • Maximum 15 participants

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