Resilience for Success Program © Copyright Colby Tootoosis & Red Echo Associates 2015

Program Goals:

  • To reflect, reveal and remove blocks from within the self so authentic leadership, values, and conscious action can be openly expressed in a direction of Social Transformation. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply Personal Enhancement Processes and Principles
  • Inquire and expand in personal awareness and situational awareness in the context of conscious service.
  • Explore and free emotional blocks and limited perceptions in the area of leadership and personal engagement.
  • Understand systems, principles of systems and apply them in all areas of life.
  • Step into true authenticity and fuel leadership from within with flexibility, adaptability, and conscious communication.

Program Duration Options 10 days:

  • 3 weeks @ 3 days a week/ all day + 1 evening
  • 2 weeks @ 5 days a week/ all day each day [community preferred]
  • 5 weeks @ 2 days a week all day each day

Program Description:

With people struggling to overcome social and systemic circumstances whether they are the effects of social/income assistance, addictions, and environmental blocks - the need for reliable, professional, dedicated peoples in the workforce is essential for improved quality of life.

This program is an invitation for participants to inquire and investigate what may be blocking engagement in life and in work. We will be looking at self-responsibility and personal accountability while celebrating successes, embracing failures, and supporting the attainment of goals.

At the end of the program participants will:

  • Become flexible and adaptable in their life and in work ethic whether it's current employment or future career paths.
  • Improved work skills and life skills with a clearer purpose and enhanced engagement.
  • Have practical tools for problem solving both personally and systemically.
  • Have resilience and balance to work both as a team participant and as a team leader.
  • Will have a deeper understanding of what causes social struggles and have a means to overcome and succeed in life's endeavours.
  • Become progressive in their work ethic.
  • Have heightened self-esteem, self-image, self-worth, and self-concept.
  • Improved performance in the work place.
  • Have revealed a genuine passion, purpose and creative flow.


  • The Power of Perception
    • Science of Perception Control Theory
    • The relationship between basic needs and behaviour patterns
    • The practice of Non-Personal Awareness 
  • Liberation in Emotional Intelligence
    • Principles of Emotions
    • Empathy and Forgiveness work
    • The relationship between Emotions and behaviour
    • Unblocking Creative flow through Emotional responsibility
  • Mindful Communication
    • Confident Public Speaking
    • Critical Analysis and Effective Inquiry 
    • Conscious Communication
    • Rapport and Understanding Body Language
  • Systemic Principles
    • Solutions for Social Pathologies within Families and Communities
    • Tools for Social Collaboration
    • System Based approaches to Problem Solving and Social Transformation
  • Authentic Leadership
    • Leadership Styles and Human Behaviour
    • Models for Conscious Leadership and a Resurgence of Traditional Leadership and Governance
    • Flexibility, Influence and Action
    • The relationship between Leaders of Influence and the Systems that limit or "empower" them
  • Indigenous Resurgence and Social Justice
    • Psychology of the Oppressed
    • On going Colonialism, Genocide and the Treaties
    • Treaty Six (Treaties of the Territory) in relationship to colonial states and organizations
    • Remedying Lateral Violence, and Conscious Rule-Breaking



© Copyright Colby Tootoosis & Red Echo Associates 2015