Program Goals:

A program designed to assist individuals, families and communities in overcoming grief by facilitating processes that lead to full "recovery" and freedom. Participants will acquire practical tools to strengthen their relationship to happiness, joy and tranquility. This is heart work, when we truly commit ourselves to what is required for interpersonal freedoms - our ancestors rejoice. These programs are for the brave.


  • Recover and regain energy to engage in life and purpose
  • Rediscover emotional balance in one's personal life, relationships and work
  • Re-establish or improve productivity in daily tasks after a loss or unfortunate circumstance
  • Life becomes clear, joyous and harmonious
  • Emotional freedom becomes more readily available
  • Prevention from "downward spiralling" into addictive patterns or unhealthy cycles of behaviour.

Program Options:

  • One day Intensive Workshop until complete (12 people max)
  • 2 day Intensive Workshop (12 people max)
  • One on One Life Coaching program (3 months, 6 months, 1 year)
    • Coaching programs are for individuals prefer a private setting and who are committed to their personal healing from loss of a loved one or unfortunate life circumstance.
    •  Cost of coaching programs varies in length and/or individual based or family based. A worthy investment for those seeking support while they adjust to life's shocking changes.

Please contact us for more information regarding one on one coaching options for individuals or families.

Program Description:

These workshops will elegantly and safely look at grief and other emotional blocks that may be preventing happiness, joy and freedom from being fully realized. We will go over myths around grief and learn to processes that help in the completion of relationships and unfortunate circumstances. Emotional pain does not have to be managed, coped with, or avoided. We all can live in freedom and allow harmony to expand amongst family and community. If you are hungry for more joy and to overcome grief, these programs are designed for you.


  • Participants will automatically receive one on one support for two months after taking the workshop. 
  • This includes unlimited text and email with the facilitator(s)
  • TWO process/coaching sessions (estimated 1hr to 3hrs in duration)
  • FOUR follow up calls (estimated 20 minutes in duration)
  • ONE introductory workshop 2 weeks leading up to the workshop. Strategically coordinated with the community program coordinator or organizer to ensure committed participants can complete the workshop.


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