Program Goals

A program designed to elicit and support conscious service to the greater good by reinforcing resilience in the midst of social struggles. Participants will acquire practical facilitation skills to present methods of problem solving and gain an enhanced quality of life from an Indigenous world view. They will acquire skills in developing programs and workshops that are designed to create long lasting results to those they serve and work with.

Learning Objectives

  • Experience models that can be applied in their workshop development.

  • Inquire and expand in personal awareness and situational awareness in the context of conscious service.

  • Explore and free emotional blocks and limited perceptions in the areas of public speaking, facilitation, leadership, and community engagement.

  • Understand basic community systems in the midst of on-going attempts of colonialism and group dynamics for effective facilitating.

  • Gain flexibility, adaptability, and conscious communication.

Program Description

Our Indigenous communities are constantly struggling as a result of on-going attempts of colonization and systems of oppression. We see family breakdowns, addictions, child apprehensions, lateral violence, gangs, political resentments, and mental health issues such as depression.

Many community budgets that are destined to support our people in the midst of these social struggles and social pathologies are often not enough to handle the demand. Funding proposals for one-time speakers, one-day workshops, and motivational conferences that use hype to override colonial realities are not working anymore. There needs to be work available that will assist communities in harvesting their resource people so that they can engage their community and serve in a way that will deliver results that will positively affect generations.

This program is designed to assist those who feel the calling to work in the frontlines of our communities. It is designed to teach others how to facilitate and present work in a way that is effective, efficient, and enjoyable. If participants already have facilitation experience, this program will definitely enhance what they are already doing and add to their toolkit.

At the end of this program participants will:

  • Become Facilitators for social transformation.

  • Know group dynamics and how to handle and facilitate various types of groups.

  • Be able to present any book, topic, theme of thier choosing, and/or their personal life experience in a way where participants will remember.

  • Be able to facilitate problem-solving behaviors both personally and collectively.

  • Have the basics to design programs and workshops that will deliver positive results.

  • Be able to provide keynote speeches or any form of public presentation confidently.