Âhkamêyimowin Leadership Experience

  • Systems Thinking: Understanding of the basics of systems principles and how apply them in personal life, relationships, and work.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Become aware of the power between the Energy and Perception while learning practical methods for emotional freedom.

  • Authentic Leadership: Unleashing the greatness within through self-awareness and conscious lifestyles. This includes a look at ego, personality types in relation to common leadership styles while seeking balance in authentic expression.

  • Indigenous Resurgence: Solution-based insights on overcoming emotional struggles associated with continued attempts of colonialism, oppression, genocide and the current realities of Indigenous people in relation to systems, collective well-being and enhancing collective understanding for conscious action.

    “In the face of crisis, toxicity, and injustice, how will you respond?”

Âhkamêyimowin Commitment:

This is a program that requires full participation. During each phase it is important that participants make arrangements so they are able to partake through the full days. R1ZE, RI2E and RIZ3 are not workshops were one can come and go. Though there is some flexibility, missing a day will require a re-sit of that specific phase in order to receive the certificate of completion for the Âhkamêyimowin Leadership Experience.

R1ZE is the prerequisite for phase 2 (RI2E)



This is a leadership workshop designed to assist in the removing of emotional blocks and limited beliefs that prevent authenticity and greatness from being fully expressed. It also introduces systems thinking using universal principles that can be applied to any system - such as lifestyles, relationships, kinship, social systems, organizations - specifically systems that are responsible for oppression and injustice towards Indigenous peoples by means of on-going attempts of colonization. R1ZE introduces and supports projects that have created using R1ZE tools and prepares participants for RI2E.


RI2E relates how human behavior and systems interact, collide, and merge which can lead to results that can either be beneficial or detrimental. We highlight how specific systems can harvest behaviors, influence behaviors, and manipulate behaviors - leading to social pathologies that affect the well-being of collective peoples either in community or organizational settings. RI2E focuses on creating or resurrecting systemic alternatives from an Indigenous lens.




RIZ3 puts into practice all what is covered in the previous phases. Participants will learn how to notice, read, and work with the collective mind of a community, organization, family or relationship from a creative system’s based approach. Along with additional process work, everything comes together in RIZ3 so that participants will complete with the clarity and passion to thrive in their life with purposeful leadership.


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